Briefing on how to handle personal data under law 13 of the legislative decree 196/2003:


Dear user,


the legislative decree 196/2003 is set to guarantee that the handling of personal data is to be carried out respecting the rights, fundamental freedom and dignity of all users with particular reference to the right to privacy and to personal identity.


We are informing you, under article 13 of the legislative decree 196/2003 defining rules which are issued to protect all users and other subjects concerning the handling of personal date that in case you gave your subsequent approval the collected data may be handled directly or by third parties, not merely to abide to duties according to law or regulation or european union laws and in particular to enforce the executions of all duties hereby referred to but to also achieve objectives concerning services and/or products not strictly related to the service in question:


a) to conduct studies and statistical surveys as well as market research

a) to send promotional and informative material

c) to carry out straight sales or marketing campaigns

d) to send commercial data

e) to undertake e-commerce


Should you deny you consent, the collected personal data will be exclusively handled in relation to the use of this service.

The handling in question will be executed using paper or online and/or telematic mediums but also by the hand of third parties to whom the sharing of your personal data may appear essential or at least functional to the running of our company's business.


Under any circumstance the handling of personal data will be subject to methods enforced to guarantee its security and privacy.


The holder and accountable for the handling of your personal data is:



AFFITTACAMERE SAN GIORGIO SAS - via Discovolo, 280 - 19017 Manarola (SP) - P.I. 01355870112 -


In relation to the handling of personal data you will be able to exert, in any given time and directly, the rights enlisted in article 7 of the legislative decree n. 196/2003 and obtain, in particular, the indication of:


  • the source of the personal data
  • the purposes and methods in use
  • the logic behind the use of IT in handling personal data
  • ID or driving license details of the owner, the people in charge and the representative assigned as by article 5, comma 2;
  • the subject or the category of subjects to whom personal data can be communicated to or in case the latter is transferred to assigned representatives within the national borders, to people responsible or in charge.


The user will also have the right to obtain:


  • integrations, amendments for data purposes;
  • the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of the data in case of violation of the law including data not supposed to be kept in relation to the  purpose it was originally gathered for or subsequently handled.


The user will also have the right to oppose in whole or in part:


  • for the legitimate intrinsic nature of the handling in question and furthermore for gathering purposes;
  • to the handling of personal data concerning himself for the purpose of sending promotional material away or for direct sale or for conducting market research campaigns or for business communication purposes.



We are informing you that, in relation to all these rights, you may contact the person in charge of the handling of personal data at the following address:



AFFITTACAMERE SAN GIORGIO SAS - via Discovolo, 280 - 19017 Manarola (SP) - P.I. 01355870112 -


In application of the article 13 belonging to the legislative decree 196/2003 containing rules safeguarding the user and other subject's rights in regard to personal data, the user himself declares having received this document/disclosure and gives his consent to the handling of his own personal data directly or by a third party, besides abiding to a specific law or regulation or to the european union laws and in particular to thoroughly execute all contractual obligations, also to achieve the following goals related to services and/or products beyond the object of the contract itself and their possible integrations/evolutions.